Aspire to Inspire by SOHANA SABA
Born and raised in a middle-class cultural family, my life was hugely influenced by Rabindranath. I ‘m a classical dancer trained in Chayanut. My parent’s tireless dedication and sacrifice helped me to become an actor, a performer and eventually a star! In course of my life, I took my acting profession very seriously and I couldn’t concentrate much on my study. I only could complete my graduation in fashion designing. I chose acting over pursuing higher study.
With my family’s unequalled support, I learnt to walk with my head held high with dignity. I realized my life shouldn’t be controlled by other’s opinion, rather it should be guided by my own self – esteem.
Sometimes, I don’t even bother to explain others. I believe in myself and I put a wall in between to block all negative news. I consciously avoid negativity and try to lead a cheerful life with my dear ones. I created my own identity and no one else should define me in their own version. My confidence and honesty to my work would define me to the future generation. I am a simple and positive person. I like to live rest of my life being simple! I am “me”, the happy me!
I’m Sohana Saba, an artist, a performer!
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